Family Emergency

Sorry guys! I had a bit of a family emergency going on and some news that I was not expecting. It made my fall behind in school work, and as a result of that not having time to do gallery updates as often as I wanted. Everything has resolved now and I am finally catching up on homework tonight, but for a break I uploaded some photos to the gallery. Enjoy!

Appearances > Candids > 2007 > Out and About in NYC (December 26, 2007) x2
Appearances > Candids > 2007 > Out and About in NYC (December 28, 2007) x2
Appearances > Candids > 2007 > Out in NYC (December 31, 2007) x7
Appearances > Candids > 2008 > Out at Millions of Milkshakes (October 14, 2008) x26

Brandi Cyrus Adds Vocals To Track

The guys of Hot Chelle Rae will stay up all night in the name of a good time! Their new song “Don’t Say Goodnight” draws inspiration from their many nights on tour with superstars Justin Bieber and Taylor Swift. “We have had so many experiences and almost all of them come from you forcing yourself to go out and really live,” Nash Overstreet, the band’s lead guitarist, tells Us Weekly. “When we force ourselves to go out, that’s when all the cool stuff happens; that’s when all the memories get made.”

Hot Chelle Rae’s lead singer Ryan Follesé, 27, recalls one night in particular when the guys passed on tucking themselves into bed. “It was one of my favorite tour moments ever. We were on tour in Australia with Taylor, and one night she rented a beautiful yacht and invited our band and managers to join her band and managers to cruise Sydney Harbor. We ate Argentinean barbecue and drove around for hours that night. We were all out there drinking, dancing, and playing our favorite music,” the crooner reminisces. “It was one of the most beautiful, fun nights we’ve ever had!”

Overstreet, who is the brother of Glee star Chord Overstreet, recruited another celebrity’s sibling to assist with “Don’t Say Goodnight” — Miley Cyrus’ older, half-sister, Brandi! “We were sitting in the studio in Hollywood and I, as a joke, had done this little ‘you can’t rap’ thing in the song, but it sounded like a chipmunk, so we were like, ‘We need a girl with some attitude to get in here!’” the guitarist, 28, explains. “I had talked to Brandi earlier that day about doing something and she ended up doing that and some of the chorus as well. It was a lot of fun!”

With pals like Taylor Swift and Brandi Cyrus, it’s easy to see why the guys of Hot Chelle Rae wouldn’t want to call it an early night.

Source: Us Magazine.

No Excuses

Very sorry that I have been neglecting the site. I just recently have gotten into the swing at my job and finally getting the hang of things there. The weather is also finally nice and something that I don’t have to be out until 6 pm working in the weather. I’m also in the process of moving, so that has been taking up time too. Then my college classes have gotten a lot tougher, so I’m very sorry! I know I don’t deserve any excuses, so I am going to make it up to you all.

So on that note, I promise to start updating regular with gallery updates, here are a few!

Appearances > Awards > 2008 > CMT Music Awards (April 14th, 2008) x8
Appearances > Awards > 2008 > Teen Choice Awards (August 3rd, 2008) x11
Appearances > Awards > 2009 > MTV Movie Awards – (May 31st, 2009) x3
Appearances > Awards > 2009 > Teen Choice Awards (August 9th, 2009) x13

Snoop Dogg: “Why You Look Like Miley Cyrus?”

As Snoop Dogg walked on camera to talk to Fuse News at SXSW 2014, he immediately did a double take: “Why you look like Miley Cyrus?” he asked Fuse News correspondent Brandi Cyrus. Cyrus answered the only way she could: “Because she’s my little sister.”

“You look like a Miley—well, Miley look like you,” Snoop said, correcting himself mid-sentence. “Because you is the big sister, you’re the one who started this thing.” “This thing,” as Snoop then demonstrates, is twerking, which is an opinion that might be in dispute.

After a quick laugh, the two sat down to hear what Snoop will be up to in 2014.

Source: Fuse TV

So Sorry!

I have been down in the cities where I am usually not from, and being in a snowy winter state we are currently in the middle of a storm warning, so internet has been crazy. Along with me needing to do job training and that I am not use to and driving down here is not very fun, so I will be updating the site with some photos and news tomorrow when I get back home after this trip.

Wanted to keep you all posted!

Photos Added

I have added some photos to the gallery while I am currently working on my final project in my college source, so I might be vacant for a little while as I have been trying to study hard and I am currently in between switching jobs.

Appearances > Candids > 2008 > At the Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf in Toluca Lake (September 20th, 2008) x12
Appearances > Candids > 2009 > At Mo’s Restaurant (April 3rd, 2009) x2
Appearances > Candids > 2009 > Celebrity Sightings In New York (April 7th, 2009) x8
Appearances > Candids > 2009 > At Nobu’s Restaurant in London (April 23rd, 2009) x10

Miley Cyrus Did Not Try to Seduce Me, Says Brandi Cyrus’s Ex-Boyfriend

Miley Cyrus knows how to make a move with foam fingers, wrecking balls and giant dancing teddy bears, but when it comes to her sister’s boyfriend that’s a no-twerking zone.

In response to a Life&Style cover story blasting the pop star as reaching “A New Low” for once trying to seduce Brandi Cyrus’s boyfriend, the former flame himself is speaking up and setting the record straight.

The article claims the then-15-year-old Hannah Montana star had a thing for her half sis’s beau, Sam Hancock, who dated Brandi from 2008 to 2010, and the attraction was so strong that she tried to put her Disney claws into him and steal his heart.

“Oh my god, not even close,” Sam told Celebuzz. “I’m married with a baby on the way. This cracks me up!”

L&S quotes a friend of the family: “She [Miley] was trying to hook up with him and date him. She was basically trying to steal her sister’s boyfriend, or at least cheat with him. Who does that?”

Well, clearly not Miley, according to the 26-year-old Christian rocker, who was 20 at the time.

“That makes me look like I entertained a 15-year-old. Not true!” he said, emphatically.

Despite the source saying Brandi constantly complained about Miley’s advances, that’s news to Sam, who was very close to the Cyrus clan during the two years he dated Billy Ray’s adopted daughter.

“That never happened. That’s ridiculous.”

“That’s kinda weird,” added the Illuminate frontman.

“I don’t want to invade Brandi’s life because she’s doing great things. But that never happened! I don’t exactly hang out with them now, but I love them.”

Well, then maybe it was just a tiny teenage crush?

“No. Never. She didn’t,” he said. “Completely different age demographic.”

Source: Celebuzz

Miley Cyrus: “My Bangerz Tour Is Educational for Kids”

Miley Cyrus tells her sister Brandi her tour will take inspiration from Madonna, but “feel a lot more young”

The best thing about Miley Cyrus‘ sister Brandi Cyrus being a correspondent for Fuse News is that we get juicy details the “Adore You” singer wouldn’t normally share. For instance, did you know Miley’s Bangerz Tour is all about educating the kids?

“Even though parents probably won’t think this, I think my show is educational for kids,” Miley tells Brandi. “They’re going to be exposed to art most people don’t know about. People are taught to look at things so black and white, especially in small towns. I’m excited to take this tour to places where [art] like this wouldn’t be accepted, where kids wouldn’t learn about this different kind of art.”

Miley also tells Fuse News her tour takes inspiration from her recent MTV Unplugged duet partner: “I want to make things look high-end, like something you would see on Madonna‘s tour, but make it feel a lot more young.”

Source: Fuse TV


I’ve made a small update to the gallery with four candid sets that Brandi was out and about. Three of the four happen to be with Miley, but these are from 2009, so they are older. Still worth looking at!

Appearances > Candids > 2009 > Arriving For a Pilates Class in Toluca Lake (January 16th, 2009) x5
Appearances > Candids > 2009 > Brandi and Miley in Toluca Lake (January 24th, 2009) x5
Appearances > Candids > 2009 > Celebrity Launch Of The Lollipops And Rainbows Foundation (May 2nd, 2009) x5
Appearances > Candids > 2009 > Arriving at Katsuya Restaurant (August 25th, 2009) x10

Previous Photoshoots

I am finally home from my vacation, and very jet-lagged. So before I go crash in my bed and catch up on the sleep I missed the night before and the lack there of I received on the plane, I have added some albums of photoshoots Brandi has done in the past for you to look at.

Photoshoots > 2008 > Kwaku Alston x3
Photoshoots > 2009 > Chad Sengstock x10
Photoshoots > 2009 > Gary Livingston x11
Photoshoots > 2013 > x25