Gallery Update

Sorry about not posting lately! I have been super busy with my personal life and getting images off of my hard drive of Brandi. I finally have some free time, so I have updated the gallery with some. Heck, I might even do a second post later tonight if I get bored enough! ;) Enjoy!

Appearances > Candids > 2006 > Shopping for Teen Choice Awards (August 17, 2006) x17
Appearances > Candids > 2007 > Teen Vogue Young Hollywood Party (September 20, 2007) x5
Appearances > Candids > 2007 > Leaving Hotel (December 30, 2007) x4
Appearances > Candids > 2007 > Walking Tex with Billy Ray (December 29, 2007) x14


This update happens to be all about the year 2007 that I have some random photos for (of course Brandi is going to look much different since it was 7 years ago). I also got in contact with Brandi to see if she would be comfortable with answering some questions for the site so that we can update some information as well. Hopefully she agrees!

Movies > Pop Star Profile – The Real Miley Cyrus Revealed (2007) x82
Appearances > Events > 2007 > Free Concert To Celebrate CD (June 26, 2007) x20
Appearances > Events > 2007 > Everlife VIP Party (February 20, 2007) x1
TV Shows > Entertainment Tonight (July 23, 2007) x97


As you can tell today, the lovely Brandi was born this day 27 years ago! I wish her all the happiness as she celebrates the night with friends, family and her boyfriend. Feel free to leave her some love in the comments below as well!

Almost There

Here’s more photos, nothing new today yet.

Concerts > Jonas Brothers Concert (July 27, 2006) x1
Appearances > Events > 2006 > Pediatric AIDS Foundation Celebrity Carnival (June 11, 2006) x1
Appearances > Events > 2006 > 34th Annual American Music Awards (November 21, 2006) x2
Concerts > CMA Music Festival (April 4, 2008) x57

No News

After this one there is just one more thing to add to the gallery from 2008, and then bits and pieces from 2006/2007. I have been looking into Brandi news, and so far there isn’t anything “new” to update you all with as of now. So just continue to take a look at the gallery and all the photos, I will update any information once available.

Appearances > Candids > 2008 > Wrap Party at Disney World (January 27, 2008) x2
Appearances > Events > 2008 > Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week – Day 4 (October 15, 2008) x4
Appearances > Candids > 2008 > Filming Fly on the Wall Music Video (November 8, 2008) x7
Appearances > Candids > 2008 > New York City (2008) x1


Work has been crazy busy, but I managed to find some more things from 2008, so take a look! They are completely random, as most of them will be until I get caught up for the most part.

Concerts > Backstage at Las Vegas Concert (January 19, 2008) x1
Concerts > Backstage at Miami Concert (January 31, 2008) x7
Appearances > Candids > 2008 > Leaving Hotel for the Today Show (July 25, 2008) x4
Appearances > Candids > 2008 > Leaving Church and Going to Cheesecake Factory for Lunch (September 13, 2008) x11

2008 Updates

I went through to see what all I have left from the year 2008, and I managed to find a couple. After this, I will be looking for anything in 2007, and then jumping right into 2009. There is a ton for this year, as that is the year that Brandi was out with her sister and in the public eye more. Take a look at what I currently updated the site with!

Appearances > Events > 2008 > Gibson Guitar Launch Of Dark Fire (December 15, 2008) x21
Appearances > Candids > 2008 > At Universal City Walk (September 16, 2008) x6
Appearances > Candids > 2008 > At Lifeway Christian Store in Franklin, Tennessee (November 10, 2008) x5
Appearances > Candids > 2008 > At Walmart (November 13, 2008) x2


I have gone through some of the albums, and happen to come across the captions I did for the Mileyworld videos that Brandi was on with Miley. So I have decided to upload those to the gallery, so take a look! Brandi does look so much different, be prepared!

Other > Mileyworld Content > Mileyworld – Life On The Road DVD (2008) x127
Other > Mileyworld Content > Mileyworld – Lesson For The Day (2009) x191
Other > Mileyworld Content > Mileyworld – Miley Talks About Rumors (2009) x366
Other > Mileyworld Content > Mileyworld Guest – Brandi Cyrus x117

Music Videos

Well, I just got done with some physical health issues, and i’ve realized I really need to update the site! So I have started the long process of uploading all the photos I have from my old hard drive, along with some Brandi news I will be updating you with! Check out some photos while I work on getting everything prepared. These are all music videos that Brandi was playing the guitar for when her sister (Miley) still played as Hannah Montana.

Music Videos > True Friend x49
Music Videos > One In A Million (Acoustic) x168
Music Videos > Nobody’s Perfect x238
Music Videos > Make Some Noise x88

Family Emergency

Sorry guys! I had a bit of a family emergency going on and some news that I was not expecting. It made my fall behind in school work, and as a result of that not having time to do gallery updates as often as I wanted. Everything has resolved now and I am finally catching up on homework tonight, but for a break I uploaded some photos to the gallery. Enjoy!

Appearances > Candids > 2007 > Out and About in NYC (December 26, 2007) x2
Appearances > Candids > 2007 > Out and About in NYC (December 28, 2007) x2
Appearances > Candids > 2007 > Out in NYC (December 31, 2007) x7
Appearances > Candids > 2008 > Out at Millions of Milkshakes (October 14, 2008) x26