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Brandi Cyrus is sticking up for her sister Miley Cyrus.

ET caught up with the 28-year-old actress to talk about her new horror film, Old 37, and during the interview, we played a fact or fiction game with her to help clear up some of the outlandish headlines involving her famous family.

Before the game began, we asked Brandi our biggest burning question: “What is the biggest misconception of the Cyrus family?”

“For some reason, people love to hate a Cyrus,” Brandi said, laughing. “I don’t know what it is, but I remember when I was a kid, and my dad [Billy Ray Cyrus] was at the height of his success, all people wanted to do was make fun of me for it,” she explained. “I was like, ‘Wait a minute. My dad is the biggest star on the planet and you want to make fun of me?'”

“As I’m older now, I look back on that and that’s just so insane,” she continued. “I don’t know why people like to tear others down to make themselves feel better. I don’t know what it is but, yes, Miley is a huge personality. She’s a weirdo, but she’s so normal.”

ET kicked off the game by asking her whether or not her sister, Miley, is on a mission to date Kristen Stewart, after Miley called the Twilight actress “hot” on Instagram.

“Oh my gosh. I mean Kristen Stewart’s hot, don’t get me wrong, but fiction,” she quickly answered.

“Are you serious? Meanwhile we’re all having a pajama party, eating popcorn in our unicorn onesies,” Brandi said.

Another untrue headline? Miley reportedly hooking up with 43-year-old comedian Dane Cook. “That’s so fiction, but we are great friends with him.”

Brandi’s 15-year-old sister, Noah, has also made headlines recently for hanging out with Keeping Up With the Kardashians star Kylie Jenner. When asked if Noah was encouraged by her dad to go “clubbing and partying” with Kylie, as some reports claim, Brandi quickly shot the rumor down.

“OK, this is hilarious. Literally for weeks we laughed about this being a thing,” she said. “So Noah and I would be sitting around like 10 o’clock on a Friday night in our PJs, and Noah would be like, ‘Bran, take me to the clubs. They can’t keep me out of the clubs.’ And we’d tweet stuff like, ‘@TishCyrus can’t keep me out of the clubs.'”

“It was a running joke for the longest time because it’s just… I mean, people only knew,” she added. “Noah just sits at home in her PJs.”

Glad that’s all cleared up!

ET also chatted with Brandi about her thoughts on Liam Hemsworth’s recent interview with Men’s Fitness, where he revealed he will always have feelings for his ex-fiancée, Miley. The two started dating after they met on the set of their romantic film, The Last Song, in 2010, and were together until they called off their engagement in Sept. 2013.

“They were together so long,” Brandi explains. “For me, exes, they’re like family… They’re always gonna be like family.”

“That’s really cool that he said that, you know?” she added. “She’s not bothered by much, to be honest.”

Source: ET Online

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Hey Everyone! I wanted to give you an update that I have gotten a fall theme layout made for the site, and honestly I feel like it works SO well! I will be updating the gallery theme as well a little later on to match, but until then, enjoy!


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If the director of a movie chooses to credit himself as Alan Smithee, that’s never a good thing. The reason for making this choice could be a variety of things, but basically it boils down to the director not being too fond of the final product. Christian Winters directed Old 37 but if you look it up on IMDB you’ll see that Smithee gets the credit. That’s not a promising sign.

The plot of Old 37 is fairly thin. Two crazy brothers who own a junk yard and an ambulance listen for crashes out along a semi-remote highway. Whenever they get wind of an accident they’re the first ones on the scene. Unfortunately for the victims these brothers aren’t there to help. Instead they take the victims back to their junkyard where they then proceed to torture them.

That’s basically the entire plot. Other little things happen, but nothing seems to be all that relevant to anything. We have a teenage girl who has a serious self esteem problem. Apparently her problems are because she has small boobs. Her mom has a very active social life, going out with a different guy each night. I’m sure that doesn’t make things any easier. Mom is aware of her daughter’s issue however, and decides to take her to get a boob job. You’re the best, mom!

Let’s talk about this boob job for a minute. This is a teenage girl getting a boob job and then on what appears to be the very next day she gets a complete makeover, presumably to go with her new boobs. Then she immediately goes out on a date. Is there no recovery time for boob jobs? I’m not doctor but that seems like a fairly major procedure that would require a little rest after. Instead this girl is rushing right out to put her boobs on display!

(I never expected to say ‘boob job’ this many times in a review)

Old 37 seems to have a message about safe driving. All the teenagers that get into accidents due so out of their own stupidity. Whether it be driving too fast or having sex while driving or any other moronic thing you can think of that is considered cool to do while behind the wheel, these kids try it. They’re all punished it for at least. Whether it be the accident killing them or the brothers, they all learn a very harsh lesson.

Old 37 has all the elements that you find in low budget horror movies these days. Kane Hodder and Bill Moseley play the brothers. I love them both and I’m always excited to see them, but they play in a lot of bad movies. Old 37 is another bad movie you can add to their list. They do fine enough with the material they have, but in all honesty they don’t have much to work with. Old 37 goes for the ultimate modern day low budget horror trifecta by tossing in an un-credited Lloyd Kaufman cameo.

You may know from my previous reviews that one of my biggest pet peeves with indie horror flicks is the music. A lot of the times these types of films have a soundtrack that consists of very generic and nondescript rock music. It’s typically awful. Old 37 is a step above that, but it still isn’t my cup of tea. The soundtrack comes courtesy of actual bands, and not something manufactured on a computer. Unfortunately it still has that generic sound to me. Per the credits the movie even had a few Circa Survive songs. Either I didn’t notice when the Circa Survive songs played or all these years I’ve thought Circa Survive was a completely different band. I give them credit for the effort though, at least they got legit bands unlike most small budget horror films.

Aside from Moseley, Hodder and Kaufman, the cast features a bunch of actors I’m unfamiliar with. Brandi Cyrus has a small role and I guess she’s Miley’s sister. So there’s that. I can’t really tell you if any of the actors are actually good or not. None of the performances were particularly strong, but I can’t put that all on the actors. The dialogue was really horrendous. Most of everyone here is supposed to be a teenage high school kid. Granted it’s been a while since I was in high school, but I don’t think kids these days speak like the kids in Old 37. If they do, well than that’s a shame.

The film isn’t all bad, however. The kills were decent and the practical effects were well done. Pete Gerner and Brian Spears served as the special makeup effects artists. The two have done a lot of great stuff over the years in films like Late Phases and Stake Land and what they pull off in Old 37 is quite enjoyable. At one point someone takes a saw to the neck and that looks fantastic. They also do a pretty nifty crucifixion out in the junk yard.

Old 37 is what it is. It’s not great, groundbreaking indie horror, but it’s not completely awful either. It’s a better effort than most low budget entries. There’s some cool ideas in play. I like the two brothers with an ambulance rushing out to get victims from the scene of an accident. That’s actually a really cool idea with a ton of potential to go down a very dark road. Unfortunately the execution is lacking, mainly on the side of the script. This is the type of movie that I wouldn’t go out of my way to see, but if I happened to watch it one evening streaming on Netflix I wouldn’t be completely disappointed.

Source: Bloody Disgusting

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Joining Kane Hodder at the Anchor Bay Entertainment Canada Booth (#5235) is Brandi Cyrus! Both will be signing autographs and taking photos with fans! Check out the brand new trailer for their new movie Old 37 and catch a special screening at Fan Expo Canada (TM) Friday Sept. 4th @ 12pm (room 701A). Watch the movie trailer here.

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Watch your back, Miley Cyrus!

All eyes may be on the “We Can’t Stop” singer as she hosts Sunday night’s MTV Video Music Awards. But as soon as the red carpet opened up, fans immediately started buzzing about her older sister’s look.
May we introduce you to Brandi Cyrus‘ weekend style!

Wearing a sexy, figure-hugging black dress with intricate beading, the 28-year-old started the carpet off with a bang as she revealed plenty of leg. Her thigh-high cutout added an extra dose of sex appeal to the look.

Brandi’s latest dress comes just hours after the fashion editor looked back at her past VMAs looks with her sister. From our eyes, black and white are definitely her color.

“Happy #VMA day!! Here’s a look back at some great memories from 2011, 2012, and 2014!” she wrote on Instagram. “Make sure you’re following me on #Snapchat (Brandi-Cyrus) for a behind the scenes look.”

For those who may have forgotten, Brandi also received plenty of attention at the 2015 CMT Music Awards when she worked a see-through dress. Fashion is clearly an event with this famous family!

Source: E! Online

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Miley Cyrus wears a barely there outfit while making her red carpet appearance at the 2015 MTV Video Music Awards held at the Microsoft Theater on Sunday (August 30) in Los Angeles.

The 22-year-old entertainer is hosting the show this evening and she was joined by nearly her full family on the carpet – mom Tish, dad Billy Ray, brother Braison, and sisters Noah and Brandi.

Make sure to tune in for the 2015 MTV VMAs, TONIGHT at 9/8c on MTV!

FYI: Miley is wearing a custom Versace outfit and boots, a Judith Leiber bag, and Lorraine Schwartz jewels.

Source: Just Jared

PS> I will be updating the gallery with photos from the VMAs shortly.

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Excited to share news! Old 37 has been chosen as an “Official Selection” to screen at Fan Expo Canada (TM) and our very own “Jon Roy” played by Kane Hodder will be there alongside Brandi Cyrus who plays “Angel,” signing autographs at the Anchor Bay Horror booth! Scare ya there!

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Noah Cyrus and her older sister Brandi have fulfilled the ultimate childhood dream and transformed into mermaids. The sisters both posed for a Project Mermaids photo shoot, becoming the latest celebs to take a trip under the sea and their pics are so stunning.

Noah looks like a glam sea queen with her regal, gold crown and intricate top that flows right into her tail. Her hair is styled into a pretty fishtail-style braid too, adding another aquatic touch to her look.

Brandi had a blue and green color scheme in her photo, which is evident in her tail and crown. The light blue streaks in her bright blonde hair are a perfect addition and her bold red lip color really pops.

Both girls look so pretty and we are super anxious to see if their other sister, Miley, decides to undergo this makeover too!

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This isn’t 100% Brandi related, but since Brandi is in this movie I wanted to post it. Enjoy!

Sure, the backers had no idea that Wolsh would take their money and churn out the incoherent mess that became Muck, but it makes you wonder if relying on fans’ collective judgement to fund a film with so many unknowns (and YouTube stars) involved is a smart move. Well, Old 37 is another crowdfunded effort, and director Christian Winters pulled an Alan Smithee in protest of the final result. At first, things don’t seem to bode well for this film. Luckily, things aren’t quite as horrible as you think.

Jon Roy (Kane Hodder) and Darryl (Bill Moseley) grew up with a dad who took his kids along for the ride while he worked. Problem was, their dad was a psychopath, whose former job as a medic allowed him to travel to accident scenes and torture the victims while Jon and Darryl watched from the ambulance. Now that Jon and Darryl are all grown up, they’re carrying on their dad’s work, intercepting calls and riding out in their junker ambulance to accidents. That’s bad news for Amy (Caitlin Harris), an insecure small-town teenager whose attempts to rebuild her life, fit in and get noticed turn into a deadly case of mistaken identity.

Based on a dream of co-writer Paul Travers, the idea of a team of paramedics wreaking havoc on vulnerable individuals is a pretty novel (and sinister) idea. Think about it: You have a person or persons involved in an accident, possibly injured. You end up calling 9-1-1 for a group of strangers to arrive with the assumption (and trust) of them helping you. While this concept isn’t entirely unheard of in film, I don’t recall a film taking the idea of crooked paramedics and running with it. It also helps that the team of Moseley and Hodder are the paramedics, and are appropriately twisted in their endeavours. Returning to his hockey mask days, Hodder’s face is hidden by a leather mask as a result of some “surgery”. As a result, Hodder once again pulls off some great emotion without so much as uttering a word. Likewise, hearkening back to his Chop-Top and Otis Driftwood characters, Moseley is the brains of the outfit, doing much of the (trash)talking and deceiving. Both are more than capable of playing cunning and sinister characters, and they don’t disappoint with some mean-spirited and gory moments.

As it sounds, the brothers aren’t your one-note killers in a low-budget slasher. Don’t let the premise of the film fool you. While there are obviously fodder characters for Hodder and Moseley to carve up, credit to writers Joe Landes and Paul Travers for doing something to give many of the characters some substance. Much of the first part of the film is establishing and developing the characters on both sides. The Roy brothers are shown growing up in a broken home, being abused by their father (and later on, abusing him). On the flipside, we have teens going about and dealing with the various dramas that teens are wont to have. Caitlin Harris turns in a believable performance as Amy, who struggles to overcome the deaths of her best friend and her father, as well as trying to fit in and gain the attention of the local heartthrob, Jason, (Maxwell Zagorski). Her friend Brooke (Olivia Alexander) definitely doesn’t act like a friend, and almost constantly belittles and puts Amy down. Needless to say, she meets a rough demise.

As for drawbacks, the film’s biggest asset is also it’s greatest flaw. While it’s great that we’re given characters that have had time devoted to developing them, the pacing of the film in its first half is often trying to sit through. It doesn’t take much of a stretch to see that the Roy brothers have a much more interesting backstory and development than the teens. This imbalance admittedly does make you want to root for Moseley and Hodder far more than the other characters, but it’s still flawed. It also doesn’t help that there are also flaws in logic that continually come up and fly in the face of the story. Namely, with all of these disappearances at accident sites (due to the Roy brothers), and it being such a small town, why isn’t there more of an investigation going on?

Even though the film is rough around the edges, Old 37 proves to be an enjoyable ride. The cast performs well, the concept is delightfully sinister, and it definitely has more substance to it than a certain other crowdfunded film. Landes and Travers have crafted a slasher that while isn’t perfect, definitely doesn’t insult horror fans’ intelligence with cardboard characters and lame backstory. While I don’t know the reason why director Christian Winters refused to take credit for the film, it’s definitely not dead on arrival. Check it out to see two genre vets doing what they do best.

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Just when you thought it was safe to call 911 in case of an emergency, director Christian Winters (who reportedly removed his name from the project and used the infamous Hollywood pseudonym Alan Smithee) explores what happens when bloodthirsty psychos start answering calls in Old 37. The flick is all set to terrify genre fanatics when it hits DVD and Blu-ray this October.

According to Anchor Bay, Old 37 stars “Kane Hodder (Friday the 13th, Hatchet) and Bill Moseley (The Devil’s Rejects, House of 1000 Corpses) as twisted brothers working together to exact revenge on some careless teen drivers.” As one can imagine, it probably doesn’t take very long for the blood to start flowing.

Brandi Cyrus (“Hannah Montana,” “Zoey 101″), Caitlin Harris (“The Secret Life of the American Teenager”), Olivia Alexander (Attack of the 50 Foot Cheerleader, Killer Eye), Maxwell Zagorski, Maggie Keane Williams (Audition), Ben Schneider, Mindy White (States, Lydia), Sascha Knopf (Shallow Hal, Expiration Date), and Ken Simmons (Kick-Ass) also appear in the flick.

If waiting until October 6 for the Blu-ray and DVD release of Old 37 sounds nothing short of completely impossible, then you can catch the flick at a handful of upcoming festivals. The film will screen at Scares That Care (July 24-26) in Williamsburg, Virginia; Crypticon Kansas City (August 21-23) in Kansas City, Missouri; and HorrorHound Weekend Indianapolis (September 11-13) in — you guessed it — Indianapolis, Indiana.

Preorder here: Amazon | Best Buy | Walmart

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